to benefit the Brookfield District Music Department

Bock & Blu is a ten piece band led by Steely Dan arranger Gary Blu featuring Barbara Bock on vocals.

Guest Artists/ Students

Join them and other guests along with the Brookfield High School Band, the Brookfield High School Chorus, the Whisconier Middle School Band, the Whisconier Middle School Chorus, and the Huckleberry Hill 4th Grade Chorus for an evening of inspiring music and holiday cheer!


Purchase tickets at Brookfield Parks & Rec 


Students & Seniors $5.00  /  Adults $10.00 

Tickets also available at the door

A Bock & Blu Concert - 10th Annual Retrospective (2013)

Brookfield, CT's music teachers sharing memories of the Bock & Blu benefit concerts through the first 9 years. 

Excerpts from the 11th annual "A Bock & Blu Concert"

December 5, 2014