Weddings  Lizzie and I just returned from our honeymoon and I wanted to thank you again for the best party I have ever been to. You guys were unbelievable. I am not exaggerating when I say that almost every guest at the party at some point in the night told me that you guys were the best band they have seen at a wedding. The band's ability to play songs that made every generation happy and keep everyone on the dance floor until the party was (unfortunately) over truly made our wedding a great night.     Both Lizzie and I would be more than happy to tell anyone who is interested that Bock and Blu is the best party band around. Thank you again for a memorable night, and we hope to see you guys at a future event,    David and Lizzie      

Dan and I would like to thank you for a great time. You were all the buzz that day! Everyone wanted to now where I found you. I was originally skeptical of hiring a band for our wedding, because I had heard some "wedding band" horror stories and wasn't up for that. You guys are no "wedding band". As soon as I found your website, I knew that you would be great. You had a great balance of music and played for the crowd. The dance floor was packed all night. I would also like to thank you for learning our wedding song at the last minute and doing it FLAWLESSLY! You come highly recommended in my book.    Warmest Regards, Tina & Dan Barash      

Just wanted to take a second and thank you for the wonderful performance at my wedding. People are still buzzing about how amazing the band was. A few people have called since Kim and I returned from our honeymoon wanting more info on your band. I referred them to your website. I have a feeling you'll be hearing from them soon. Man, your performance was so tight! A lot of people have told me that it was the best wedding they've ever been to - and it's easy to see why. The band set the "party-tone" for the evening. And the dance floor was ALWAYS full. I can't say it enough- you guys were fantastic!!!! Josh and I were so elated to be able to join you guys for a few songs. The horns had such a full sound on Tenth Avenue- I felt like I was Springsteen up there. Truly, one of the best moments of my life. I get chills right now just thinking about it. You guys are so lucky to be able to play together every weekend in a band of that caliber. And everyone can tell you really love doing what you do- and that there is a real camaraderie up there. I'm pretty much a Bock and Blu groupie at this point- I tell anyone who will listen about you guys. I have a feeling we'll be working together in the future. Until then- take care. And keep on rockin'!!! John Hunt      

We were absolutely blown away by how impressive you were - neither of us have ever been to a wedding where the band was so phenomenal. I know we got to choose most of the tracks we love, but each one sounded better than the real thing (don't tell Sinatra we said that!). Everybody at the wedding, including the deaf ones, have said over and over again how much they enjoyed the band, and you guys really made the night very special for everybody. You are worth every single penny of your fee. Please feel free to pass this praise on to anyone else you want to - we can't recommend you highly enough - in fact we can't believe you're not famous!  Best Wishes, Jeremy & Leslie Collins     

Much to our amazement, we are already at the one-year mark (next Sunday, actually), but we remember it as though it was just last week. From the great church ceremony to the reception at the Inn at Mystic, from the groomsmen who rode mountain bikes to the church (the limo forgot them) to my brother's hilarious best-man speech, from steel drums during the cocktail hour to the great music by Bock & Blu, our wedding day lives in our memories as one of the high points of our lives. People still talk about what a great day it was and invariably compliment us on choosing Bock & Blu. And having sifted through demo tapes, CDs and web-sites of countless other bands before choosing Bock and Blu, we can affirmatively say that Bock & Blu is head and shoulders above the rest in terms of talent, professionalism and the willingness to make the event special.    After all, who else would take the time to learn the obscure Taj Mahal song that we chose as our wedding song, or have the depth to serenade a former Colorado girl with "Rocky Mountain High" on her wedding day or the groom's Deadhead college buddies with "Eyes of the World" . . . not to mention keeping our older family members and guests happy with more traditional pieces? Even more amazing, though, is that Bock & Blu kept two large families of non-dancers out on the dance floor during the entire reception - nothing shy of miraculous! So yes, we'd be more than happy to provide references! Best of everything, Doug and Whiting Leary