Rancho Cucamonga

About Us

Rancho Cucamonga Studio is a private project studio that provides a professional, supportive and creative environment for artists. It has become not only the home for Bock & Blu and Rachini Productions, but also for singer/ songwriters who come for the exceptional recording quality and relaxed country atmosphere. 

Music Production

The music producer's job is to help you get the best recording possible. Encouraging the best musical performance and coaching the artist are just a few of the functions that a producer is expected to perform. In Gary’s case, the music producer is also a competent arranger, composer and multi-instrumentalist who can bring fresh ideas to your tracks and perform them as needed. He worked alongside Donald Fagen and Walter Becker as an assistant arranger and music copyist for Steely Dan from 1992-2007. 


"As a singer/songwriter dreaming of one day recording his songs in a professional studio where they could be brought to life, meeting and then working with Gary Blu has made my dream a reality.  Gary, a technically skilled multi-instrumentalist, producer, and engineer, has a musical resume that is undeniably impressive, yet never once was I, a self-taught, non-technical singer/songwriter/guitarist, made to feel intimidated or inadequate.  Quite the opposite actually. Gary respects and appreciates the mystery of music whether the source be technical or otherwise. He encourages, guides and, quite simply, makes the process of music-making fun, exciting and even affordable.  I can't speak highly enough about my experience with Gary Blu."   

Tim Lyons – Singer/Songwriter 

The Tim Lyons Project

"After working with Gary at Rancho Cucamonga Studio on my CD, I cannot imagine ever working with anyone else! He provided invaluable direction and assistance throughout the entire recording process. Gary is a true professional and his studio has everything that a major studio has, except the expensive rates and impersonal service! I can't wait to begin working on my next project at Rancho Cucamonga Studio!”
Kevin McIntyre – Singer/Songwriter

Kevin McIntyre and the Lawn Wranglers

"Gary easily understood the vision I had for each song and the directions I wanted to go with them. He engineered, pushed and prodded them with his own arsenal of talents and talented people, and surpassed my every expectation. He is a true shaman and a songwriter’s godsend."

Nic Mars- Singer/Songwriter

The Adventures of Lunar Coyote